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This is the world's first publicly available Bridge Hand Database.  The purpose of this site is to allow users to search hands played by the world’s top bridge experts. 

This was launched on Sunday, 23rd Nov 2008.

How does this work?

First you register by entering a username and password and your email address.  We send you an email to verify the address.  In this email you will find an activation link which when clicked will complete the registration process.

Then come to this home page and login.  Once logged in  you will be taken to a search page.

Say you wanted to search for hands where Lauria & Versace opened 2NT.

Searching takes three steps ...

1) You first enter in one player from the partnership you are interested in.

Player Entry

2) You select the partnership from the drop down list ...

Select Partnership

3) You enter the bidding sequence you are interested in ...

Enter Bidding

And that it ... You can contact me at BridgeHandPro @ or 'James_H' on BBO.


James Heneghan